Matunei è socia WWOOF Italia, un’organizzazione che ha lo scopo di mettere in contatto Aziende Agricole e persone interessate a vivere una esperienza rurale a contatto con la natura.


Se vuoi vivere un’esperienza a contatto con la natura e con la vita contadina nella nostra Azienda Agricola devi essere associato a wwoof-Italia. Puoi trovare tutte le informazioni necessarie sul sito ufficiale dell’associazione.

Solitamente accogliamo wwoofers nel periodo tra aprile e ottobre, quando abbiamo maggiori attività in campagna, ma è possibile chiedere ospitalità anche durante il resto dell’anno. La permanenza minima richiesta è di 1 settimana.

Per ogni altra informazione ti preghiamo di contattarci direttamente facendoci pervenire la tua tessera associativa. A questo LINK è disponibile (con accesso protetto) una pagina dedicata al wwofing presso la nostra azienda. Per potervi accedere richiedi la password via e-mail.

Se hai fatto wwoofing da noi e vuoi lasciare un commento utile ai prossimi interessati, usa lo spazio apposito a seguire. Grazie!



Matunei is a WWOOF Italy member. WWOOF is a worldwide movement linking volunteers with organic farmers and growers to promote cultural and educational experiences based on trust and non monetary exchanges thereby helping to build a sustainable global community.


If you want to try wwoof experience at our farm you have to be associated with WWOOF-Italy. You can find all necessary information on the wwoof-Italy official website.

We usually welcome wwoofers from April to October, when we have different activities, but you can ask for hospitality during the rest of the year. The minimum required stay is two weeks.

For any other information please contact us directly by sending your membership card. We have a dedicated page to wwoof experience on our website (with secure access) at this LINK. In order to access, you must request password via e-mail.

If you had a wwoofing experience at our farm and want to leave a useful comment to the next who’ll come, feel free to use the comment space below. Thank you!

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    WWOOFING at Matunei was an experience which I fondly look back upon. On most days I would find myself surrounded by the beautiful Monferrato landscape either helping out in the vineyards or the vegetable garden. Walking under the sun and between the rows of vines helped me form a greater respect and connection with the land. Figuratively and literally as well since I seem to still have some of Cardona’s soil on my boots. Work, meals and leisure time were all spent in good company. Throughout the experience I was able to learn a great deal about the culture and traditions of the region and share some of my own as well. I wish Alberto and Carla the best of luck as they continue to work toward their goals and I highly recommend for you to join them as well.

  2. Carla and Alberto are quite honestly some of the warmest, kindest, most gracious Italians I have met – and that’s saying a lot! My time at Matunei, nothing short of precious, was above all filled with a genuine spirit of cultural exchange and mutual learning. As someone who has spent his entire life in a busy, crowded city, I wasn’t entirely certain if I would be able to appreciate living a slow life in the Montferrat countryside, but Carla and Alberto welcomed me into their world with such immense hospitality that I never once felt out of place. It’s hard to say what my favourite part of each day was: trekking out to the vineyards for the day, or training vines to their support cords, or collecting wild prunes for (very tasty) jams, or sitting down to Piedmontese kitchen magic at the end of the day, or meeting Matunei’s incredible friends and family. If you are at all interested in slow living, km0 eating, and great design, you’d do very, very well to spend some time with these two national treasures. I know where I’m going to be for next year’s harvest season!

  3. Ciao fellow wwoofers!
    I don’t have much to add to the other reviews – it has been a great experience and I very much enjoyed Alberto’s and Carla’s hospitality including great wine, food and conversation! They were patient explaining their farm work & philosophy and my tasks. I did various jobs such as working in the vegetable garden, the wine cellar and the vineyard. The balance between work and leisure, independent time and socialising worked well for me. It was my first experience with wwoofing and one to be definitely recommended to you!

  4. Carla and Alberto.
    Where to start? There are so many things to say and so little space here.
    Before even setting foot in Italy, Carla reassured me with her messages and our skype session. Even though at that moment I was quite nervous and shy, she had this way of talking to me that was comforting.
    The first moment I met Alberto at the train station, I knew I was being hosted by beautiful people. That made a world of a difference since it was going to be my very first WWOOFing experience.
    The experiences I experienced with them are numerous.
    A culinary experience with Carla and her food lab.
    A breathtaking experience eating lunch on Crealtos terrace.
    A one of a kind social experience with the great team they have at Crealto/Matunei’s cellar.
    A one of a kind social experience with being invited in three festas in three different towns.
    A beautiful ride by mountain bike, a walk in the caves just behind Crealto.
    And most importantly…
    A generous and altruistic “coup de main” that I will ever be grateful to have for, for having helped me through hard times with another WWOOFing experience.
    You cannot go wrong with this beautiful host family, as Frida, Maira and Grissia are so welcoming as well…
    Big hugs,
    P.S Their collection of a certain book is adorable ❤. Their story is worth being heard.

  5. Abbiamo trascorso tre settimane indimenticabili a Cardona. L’ospitalità e la gentilezza di Carla e Alberto ci hanno accompagnato durante tutta la nostra esperienza. La loro storia è davvero interessante e ammiriamo il loro lavoro. E’ stato un piacere per noi poterli aiutare anche se per un breve periodo.
    Abbiamo vendemmiato e in seguito collaborato nei lavori in cantina. Abbiamo anche avuto modo di esplorare la zona con i preziosi consigli di Carla e Alberto, sempre pronti a rispondere alle nostre domande, curiosità e capaci di farci sentire come a casa nostra.
    Che dire quindi? Raccomandiamo assolutamente questa esperienza ad altri wwoofers!
    Con la speranza di rivederci presto,
    un grande abbraccio a tutta la famiglia (Grissia e la nostra preferita Maira :-) incluse)
    Camilla e Jacopo

  6. My experience WWOOF’ing with Carla and Alberto was an experience I will never forget. The entire family: Carla, Alberta, and Frida, grace you with such a warm and inviting presence that makes you feel comfortable instantly; their furry friends, Maira and Grissia are always willing to keep you company; and their beautiful rustic country home has such a warm feeling from the moment you arrive.

    I learned so much during my time (including how to make amazing gnocchi and ravioli from scratch!) and a lot about the natural wine, something for which I have a great passion for. Having just left my job for a break from the “corporate world” it was so refreshing to talk to Carla and Alberto about their experience doing the same to pursue their dream of moving to the country and opening a vineyard/farm.

    I highly recommend WWOOF’ing with them – for me, it was an extremely rich experience that forever changed my way of thinking, not to mention friends for life :)

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